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The Unofficial Official Nuwisha Home Page


Hey, there. Allow me to introduce myself. Kickaha Ota, professional lunatic, at your service. And it looks like you could use a little help. An explanation, perhaps? "What the hell is a Nuwisha, and why does it have a home page," maybe? I can help you with that.

What's a Nuwisha?

Okay. Let's begin at the beginning. Back in the early times, not too long after Coyote made the world, when Wolf created the Garou and the Wyrm fell into...

Huh? What's a Garou, you ask? My, you really are lost, aren't you? This could take all day. Well, thank heavens for both of us that somebody's already explained what a Garou is. And got paid to do it, the lucky bum. So go read this. It'll explain a lot.

No, really. Go ahead; I'll wait here.

Okay; are you back? Talk about angst-ridden stuff, huh? Well, that pretty well sums up the Garou. They're werewolves. Big ones. Very sharp teeth. Surly dispositions. And, if you poked around a little more on that site while you were there, you found out a little something about Rage too. It's a trading card game from Five Rings. Not only is it a great way to pass the time, it's a depressingly good simulation of what happens when ten or twenty Garou apply themselves to a problem lately: when the smoke clears, you've got about half as many Garou, and pretty much the same problem. Hey, guys, when you're finished killing each other, the Wyrm is over there, okay? (How many Garou does it take to change a light bulb? One... the last one standing.) It's a shame, it really is. Things were different once. Maybe someday things will be different again.

(Grrrrrrr. Look into my tongue.)
Yes, some Garou actually use their tongues to hypnotize prey. You read it here first.
Trixie Hill, our 'yote in the field in Las Vegas. This Trix ain't for kids, baby! Rrrrrrrowr!

So, that brings us to the Nuwisha. No, we're not Garou, but you're in the right family. We're werecoyotes. We don't have the big muscles that the Garou have, but we try to make up for it with a certain flair. The Garou get things done with rage; we get things done with humor. I mean, suppose there's a big industrial plant somewhere pumping out toxic waste. The Garou would probably run in and bust some heads. Sure, it works, sometimes, but you're just asking to get hurt that way. Now, messing up the plant's shipping records, so the next truckload of rusty barrels full of green goop gets delivered to the Environmental Protection Agency's front lawn--now that's funny. And sure, we screw up sometimes, but hey, who doesn't? And besides, just think about how boring life would be if everything went right all the time...

Oh, and by the way: Many of the Garou think they killed all us Nuwisha off a while back. And for now, we sort of like it that way; it works out better for all concerned. So if you run into a Garou, do try to keep this quiet, okay? And if you're a Garou: Don't worry. This whole page is all just a big practical joke. There are no Nuwisha. You guys done good. And if you run into Trixie Hill in your Rage decks, don't worry; it's just Torvald the Unstoppable in a really convincing costume. Say hello for me.

So, that's who we are. Which brings us to...

Why the Page?

I'm so glad you asked. Well, we Nuwisha tend to get around a lot. We see things. We find things out. (And you should be ashamed of yourself.) And some of this stuff just begs to be shared.

Here's what we've got so far:

  • New Findings. Interesting new information we've come across.
  • Howls. The Nuwisha point of view about anything and everything.
  • Who's Who and What's What. The full text of all the FRPG Rage cards so far. It's searchable; so if you're trying to find just the right Gift for your Get of Fenris friend, or just collecting all those laugh-a-minute Fireclaw quotes, this is for you.
  • Rage Rulebook The Garou like to have rules for everything; and if you want to understand the Garou, you've gotta know the rules. And you may as well start with the ones that are actually written down. So here's the full text of the rulebook, complete with the pretty pictures.
  • Secrets of the Garou. Like we said, there's rules for everything with the Garou; and sometimes, they don't even write the darn things down--or they write 'em down, but it's in some place you'd never think to check. We're collecting 'em here, in the interests of preserving what sanity we (and the Garou) have left.
    • Card Notes--stuff about particular cards.
    • General Notes--stuff that's not about particular cards. (Surprise, surprise.)
  • Rogues' Gallery. What's a trip to Las Vegas without some snapshots?
  • Interesting Territories. Some other places on the Web you might want to stop by.

Thanks for stopping by. If you like what you see here, just try to bring a little constructive weirdness into somebody's day today--shake 'em out of their complacency a little. Get an "AVOID REALITY AT ALL COSTS" bumper sticker for your car. Grab a old bottle of perfume, go down to your local department store, find one of those annoying people who spray the stuff on everyone in sight, and offer to trade. Be creative.

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