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Secrets of the Garou: Card Notes


Like we said on the main page, here's the stuff about particular cards. The source of the info (well, a source of the info, anyway) is given; but these aren't direct quotes--they're often pretty heavily paraphrased, in the interests of making 'em easier to read, or just in the interest of keeping this file below a zillion pages. So if something listed here is wrong, it may be our fault; let us know and we'll get right on it.

Card Notes

Call for Power

Chameleon Spirit

Clarissa Smoothtongue

Counting Coup

Crick Rumwrangler

Devin Silent Walker


Dugal Steady-Hand

Eilif the White

Elemental Gift


Get of Fenris

Gilliam Fangs-First

Gordon Goffe



Primal Combat

Roll Over

Root Beer Charlie

Spirits' Aide

Strike and Fade

The Blessing of Freya

Torvald the Unstoppable

Trade Favors

Trixie Hill

Wicked Counter

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