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Who's Who and What's What


Here's all the full text of all the FRPG Rage cards. Everything through Phase 5 is here, with bits and pieces of Phase 6--we'll get to Equinox soon enough. We've even got Venerable Cactus Spirit--that's the card that Five Rings sends to tournament winners. (A word to the wise: do not try to get between a Garou and any kind of prize. It's like getting between a mother bear and her cubs, or a Corax and a shiny thing... except the Corax isn't as likely to rip your arms off.)

Say the word if you spot any mistakes in this list.

  • Text in red: Things that have been added to the cards by FRPG rulings.
  • Struck-out text: Things that have been removed from the cards by FRPG rulings.
  • Ruling icon ([RULING]): There's at least one note about this card in Card Notes.
(So's then I starts chowing down on the guy. Oh, yeah...)
Fireclaw, noted Red Talon philosopher. "Give me instinct over thought any day." Pretty much sums up the problem lately, I'd say...

When will you RAGE?

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