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A Trickster's Tail, Part 724: Anniversary

by Luke Allen
Secret Bonus Prize Winner

(Note from Phaedrus: This story isn't quite true to the Trickster's Tail universe in a few ways. But it's a fun story, so just leave it the heck alone, okay? :-) Luke was the only person to try this category--writing with someone else's characters is always difficult, particularly in a complex shared universe like No More Fakes. Thus the Secret Bonus Prize.)

Story idea inspired by T-storm Sunday night:

List member's computer struck by lightning/hard drive crash/etc while reading mail/on web/IRC/muck (use all of them please, but wait for story to follow soon, backstory for BlueNight on FurryMUCK). Member is put directly into a universe based on the virtual one, and linked to our reality, so person zapped to IRC would always be in the IRC network, switching channels at will, with everyone else in our reality on outside. He would see it as a hallway with many doors, each labelled, and inside every room would be an appropriate avatar of everyone else in that channel. #quake, for example, would have a bunch of quake-guys from the game talking to each other, sharpening their axes and cleaning their guns, while #TSA_talk would have a bunch of furries and transformees, as well as the Genie.

I'm not really qualified to write that story 'cause I've never been on IRC.

Anyway, on to the contest entry. Nobody else tried this, so I guess I will. Please *please* *PLEASE* tell me if I messed up the universe

A Trickster's Tail, part 724: Anniversary
By Luke Allen

Keith sat wearily on the park bench. He was in ravenmorph form, but, thanks to Kor's spell, anyone watching would see a man reading the newspaper. It was 5:00 pm, and the reunion bash at the Raucous Chicken Club started at seven. They had time to Sing, and they needed it badly after their banishment of an evil dingo-mage that morning.

(I can't believe we made it a whole year without getting killed often or going crazy permanently.)

((Well, you've got two cohabiting spirits whose religious systems are different from yours and each other's. That committee is probably still sitting on it's butt.))

(((So, what form are we going to wear to the party?)))

Keith sighed.

(Let's figure it out *after* we Sing. You guys in?)

((Of course. I know the perfect song, too.))

An image of pure purple evil and the first six notes of Hellsong flashed through their brain. Keith and Kor moaned. Kickaha grinned mentally, then turned serious. He opened his mind to the world around him and started to hum tunelessly. The others took the cue and started their Songs.

As they had for so long, the trio joined their Voices, until the harmony was nearly overwhelming. Theirs was a Joined Song of Renewal, faster and more powerful than separate Songs. Magic flowed into the canine body, restoring the souls and giving them strength. As they revitalized their incorporeal portions, their body blurred between fox, coyote, and jackal.

Keith felt his magic peak, as well as their shared reserves, and Sang his thanks, finishing his Song. A moment later, Kickaha concluded his, and Kor did the same. They sat there for several minutes, breathing deeply. Finally, Kickaha spoke-thought:

((Since you, Keith, went as a coyote at the first party, I feel it is our duty to do the same at this one, for the convenience of the other guests.))

(((Either that, or you just want control. Seeing as I'm the new one here, we should go as Anubis tonight. You haven't used my form much.)))

(Alright, enough bickering. I'm the host, I think a nondescript foxmorph is perfect tonight.)

((As long as we find that poodle guy and scare him to death again.))

They arrived at the Raucous Chicken Club at 6:45 in foxmorph form, wearing a green vest and red shorts. The only people there were a very real wizard, a white blob-like ghost, a non-descript man carrying a golden oil lamp, and a duckmorph with a speech problem. Keith took a seat in an open-backed chair and sighed.

The wizard came over, sat, and shook hands with Keith. "I'm sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused you. I angered a real wizard with my chicanery last year, and he did this to us. Shortly afterwards I was inducted into the Buhs-Nohthc, his clan, and we have discovered the spell to be too strong to break." Keith was stunned. "You mean he managed to cast an enchantment on an entire building full of people that lasts an entire year, and maybe longer?"

The wizard, going by the name Zarilnoth, explained: "The Raucous Chicken is on an intersection of two ley-lines, he did his sorcery in the heat of anger, and he worded it very ambiguously. It might last forever for all we know. You don't use our sources of magic, do you?" Keith grinned in a foxish manner and replied, "I managed to get stuck with a co-inhabiting spirit from a 'modified Native-American' belief system, and a committee in charge of afterlives decided they needed some extra time on my case and sent me back when I was killed. We recharge with Nature's magic."

Zarilnoth nodded, then saw a fat bearded male cigar-smoking fairy-godmother float in. He excused himself and wandered over to apologize, leaving Kevin to his own thoughts. It was nearing seven'o'clock, and the room was filling. He got up, heading toward the men's room, shifting into coyotemorph form as he went. For some unknown reason, he found urination easier that way. It turned out to be a mistake, because as soon as he walked out of the stall, control was twisted away gently. ((My old prowling grounds)) thought Kickaha as he strolled out of the restroom, shifting the drab clothes into his favorite cloak. ((This will be fun...))

Copyright 1997: Luke Allen <lallen@nmt.edu> . If you want to post this anywhere else, please ask the author for permission first.       Thank you

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